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Barrierless experience

A barrierless healthcare experience

HealthNow – A Barrierless Healthcare Experience.

HealthNow is here to reframe how you, as a health customer/patient, think about your healthcare expenses and the process of paying for your health. 

We have built a niche consumer product just for you… Designed to provide a financially clean, clear and transparent mechanism where you, the patient, the household boss can spread the cost of you and your families treatment over a period of time that best suits your needs. 

We recognize the stress of paying for our health when we need it, which is why we give you the opportunity of interest-free and fee-free payment mechanisms spread over a period of time. Flexibility is fundamental in our day to day lives and our health shouldn’t be pushed back because of financial barriers. It time to introduce a  barrierless healthcare experience.

Life is always throwing stones in our way, whether it’s surprise costs or bombshell bills we often have to use the savings we set aside for things we really want, and health is a cost we cannot avoid, but it often sneaks up on us uninvited and consistently expensive. 

HealthNow will reopen accessibility to the services you need most, making payment simple, clean and a little enjoyable as you easily manage and spread the cost over time. 

Not only do we help you fit health costs into your budget, but we help those that are currently neglecting or delaying health because of cost. No one should have to put off health and currently, too many people are missing out due to financial pressures. We hope that with the utilization of our product, we can help you and your families bring control of their health back into your hands. 

How do we let you pay us back with ZERO interest? 

HealthNow offers what is commonly referred to as a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ solution. As the term suggests, we allow you to go to those that have signed up to offer HealthNow, specifically,  Doctors, Pharmacies and A and E’s (soon to be available at more sites and as we grow, across every industry in the health and wellness sector) and access the care you need, when you need it and split the cost of your care over the selection periods you choose.

Currently, we let you split in two or spread three payments. 

When you use HealthNow, your medical provider gets paid in full on the day of your appointment. 

Going to a back issue in healthcare, Cost barriers and Prioritization.

Our team at HealthNow wants you to be happy and healthy. We know that when you access health quickly, you are less likely to have unforeseen conditions get out of control. 

Currently, when you have a surprise medical need or even a known medical need that has a high price tag, there are a few potential ways you may handle these;

  1. Take the financial hit 
  2. Not go because the cost is too high
  3. Use traditional credit that come with interest and manual processes for you 
  4. Borrow money – which is a real hassle  

We are not satisfied with the above options – all lead to additional discomfort when you are in a time of need. 

By using HealthNow’s buy now pay later tool to manage your health care cost, you are given access to an interest-free, free to use system where payments are automated and you have crystal clear transparency over how much you need to pay and when depending on how you have selected to split or spread. 

HealthNow – Pay Later

Disclaimer* A late payment fee of $7 applies when payments are not made on time as per terms and conditions of the application.


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