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Digital Health Festival 2024

Digital Health Fest (DHF) Melbourne 2024 Some of the HealthNow team were lucky enough to attend the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne in May. This show was touted to be the biggest thing in Health Tech in the wider APAC region and it did not disappoint.  When 6,000 people get in a room to discuss […]

Understanding Occupational Health Regulations in Australia 

Occupational health regulations in Australia are designed to ensure that workers in certain industries are medically fit to perform their duties safely and effectively. These regulations help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by mandating periodic medical examinations. This blog will explore the industries where these medicals are required, how they are typically conducted, and some […]

Customer Story – Hotel Elms Christchurch 

Hotel Elms Christchurch has been in business since the 1980’s, to have a track record that long in the hotel sector you have to ensure you offer a quality experience to your guests, consistently. The business offers accommodation, but also conference rooms and caters to a range of guests, from leisure travelers, to corporate and […]

Navigating Equity and Innovation: Key Takeaways from the RemNet Annual Conference 2023

Another week, another amazing event! The RemNet Annual Conference 2023, themed “Balancing Acts – Navigating Stability in Remuneration,” was a landmark event in the realm of workplace equity, labour dynamics, and technological integration – all of which the HealthNow team are totally fizzed about. Having our CEO and Founder Steve speaking was a great moment […]

HRNZ Future Workplace Forum

The HealthNow team had a great day at the HRNZ Future Workplace Forum this week. The high level attendee list of HR professionals shared a vision for leveraging technology to create best practice strategies for the future. Dr Michelle Dickinson kicked the day off with her high energy perspective of where technology is ‘now’ reminding […]

How to Access Healthcare and Rehabilitation after an Achilles Rupture

The Achilles tendon is the largest in the human body, connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. It plays a crucial role in walking, running and jumping. However, an Achilles tendon rupture can occur when the tendon is stretched beyond its capacity, causing a partial or complete tear. This injury is common among athletes […]

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