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How to Help Look After Your Employees’ Mental Health

The issue of mental health continues to grow in importance and is being acknowledged by more and more employers. It affects people from all walks of life, including a large share of NZ’s workforce. It is important for all employers to prioritise the mental health of their workers.

It’s clear for all to see that supporting the mental health needs of your employees is the right thing to do. Everyone deserves to be supported and cared for in the face of personal problems and adversity, regardless of their job. By prioritising the needs of workers, employers can show that they value their employees and are committed to their long term health and well-being. Poor mental health can also take its toll on employees’ performance at work which isn’t good for their ongoing mental health or for business.  


Mental health Affects Productivity and Performance

Employee mental health directly affects productivity and performance at work. When an employee is struggling, they may have difficulty concentrating, making decisions and completing tasks. This can lead to decreased productivity, increased errors and a lower overall quality of work. By supporting the mental health of workers, employers can help ensure that they are able to perform at their best.

Poor mental health can also harm the overall work environment. When employees are struggling with their mental health, they may experience increased levels of stress and anxiety, which can affect their relationships with their co-workers and managers. This can lead to a decrease in morale, increased conflict and a sometimes toxic work culture. By addressing these issues, employers can help create a positive and supportive work environment that benefits everyone.


How Can I Help Treating Employees’ Mental Health as an Employer?

24% to 39% of New Zealanders are delaying or neglecting health due to cost-related barriers. Health Now’s Employer Aid, it enables businesses of all sizes with varying budgets to support the health of their workforce. We provide the tools to ensure your contributions can be used by your employees at health providers, whether mental health services, dentistry, physiotherapy or any other health services. Help to keep your staff happier and healthier with Employer Aid. Unlike traditional health insurance, we don’t work to make a profit off of employees and employers. Our system is set up to simply prioritise health and encourage health utilisation.

  1. Book a meeting with us and get insights into how it will work within your business
  2. Set your contribution amount and define the health sectors for usage
  3. Allow us to onboard staff to help them get the most out of your company’s contributions

Get in touch today to find out more about Employer Aid and discuss how it would work for your business.

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