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How Can You Equip Your Team With Health Knowledge And Skills?

In today’s fast-paced world, employers recognise the importance of supporting their workforce’s health and well-being. One innovative approach gaining traction is the concept of “employer aid payments,” where businesses offer their employees annual (or periodic) payments dedicated exclusively to health and medical services. By providing these resources, companies empower their teams to grow and develop essential health knowledge and skills that can lead to improved long-term health outcomes, such as the following.

Nutrition Education for Optimal Health

Proper nutrition is fundamental to overall health and well-being. With employer aid payments, employees can access nutrition education to learn about balanced diets, portion control, and healthy food choices. Understanding how to fuel their bodies with the right nutrients can lead to increased energy levels, better digestion, and improved immune function. All of these aspects lead to improved performance and satisfaction in all areas of life, including work performance.

Physical Fitness and Exercise Guidance

Regular physical activity is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping to prevent many chronic diseases – or improving health outcomes when you already have them. With employer aid payments, employees can engage in various forms of exercise education, such as working with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. These opportunities not only promote physical fitness but also help reduce stress and boost mood and concentration – all of which can improve work performance.

Mental Health and Stress Management Techniques

Mental health is as crucial as physical health, and supporting employees in this area can lead to a more resilient and productive workforce. Employer aid payments can be used to access mental health resources, such as counselling sessions or mindfulness workshops with a psychologist, helping employees manage stress and improve their emotional well-being. This can translate to improved work performance as well as support your work culture and morale.

Health Screening and Preventive Care

Prevention is key to avoiding serious health issues in the future. Employer aid payments can be used for regular health screenings and check-ups, enabling employees to stay on top of their health status and catch potential problems early on. Employees can undergo comprehensive health screenings, including mole maps, eye tests, hearing checks, cardiovascular check-ups, diabetes screenings, as well as cancer screenings, to detect any potential health risks and take proactive steps towards prevention.

Financial Wellness and Health Savings

Healthcare expenses can be a burden for many, especially with the high cost of living and soaring mortgage rates. By offering employer aid payments, businesses not only encourage employees to prioritise their health but also alleviate financial stress related to medical costs that would otherwise have to be paid out of pocket. 

Employer Aid: What Does It Entail?

Employer aid is delivered as a payment to an employee’s free dedicated health account via the HealthNow app, which can only be used on health and medical-related services, products and health knowledge development, including proactive health care such as seeing a nutritionist to get on top of nutrition, or seeing a physiotherapist at the first sign of musculoskeletal pain, as opposed to when it has worsened to the extent that a person physically cannot come into work or perform their work duties.

The funds, the quantity of which are chosen by the employer, are available for employees to use throughout the year in much the same way they use a digital card on their phone, working at any eftpos terminal where Mastercard is accepted. Employees have control over which health services to spend their funds on within the health service categories approved by the employer, and available within HealthNow’s service suite. Businesses are not charged for any funds that are unused by their employees at the end of their annual period. As an employer, you even get a breakdown of how the funds were spent overall within a year – meaning that you gain vital information and insight that can help guide future wellness initiatives that will be well received, instead of those that will be left unused and unappreciated.

Operating across New Zealand and the US, HealthNow makes offering employer aid easy and simple by welcoming you into their AI-driven platform and international technology that delivers a custom solution to your business – HealthNow designs your employer aid based on your needs and requirements. The onboarding process for employer aid is free and easy, and you receive impact statements that give you a breakdown of how the funds are being spent, to best help you direct health initiatives in the future.

Ready to take the next step to effectively supporting your employees to improve their health knowledge and health skills? Get started with HealthNow today.

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