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Health insurance vs. Health fund

Health Insurance vs Healthcare Fund Comparison

Health insurance coverage is defined as a contract that requires you to pay a premium to a health insurer. In return, they will cover a majority portion of your health care costs. Insurance can come in useful in case of unforeseen illnesses and emergencies, but you are putting your money in the pocket of the insurer in the hope that you won’t need to use their services due to ill health. There is an alternative, you can self-insure your future health.

Our Health Savers subscription keeps you in control of your money and your future. By saving how and when you please, you can put funds away bit by bit, which should add up to a significant sum for when you really require it. The plans we offer can ward off those financial fears and make tough times much easier by preparing for the unexpected. What does Health Savers offer that health insurance doesn’t?

Subscribe to Your Health

By opting to join one of our helpful subscription plans, you can start to build a safety net for any eventualities of your future health. Choose how you want that net to look and set up automated funds to have it available when the time comes. When it comes to health expenses it’s unfortunately not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. 


Control Your Contributions

For total autonomy over how much you contribute and when you contribute, our manual contribution feature allows you the flexibility needed when you need to be tight on the money strings. This way your finances are as safe as your health needs.


Use Anywhere & Anytime

No matter what you need it for, access your funds with total freedom to spend your self-insurance contributions whenever you need them, wherever you want. We have trusted partners in every health sector which can set you on the right path towards care and recovery. It’s that simple.

Unlike common health insurance, Health Savers doesn’t share the same disadvantages. For those with pre-existing conditions who might have to undergo a waiting period or have to pay more, subscribing to Health Savers doesn’t come at an increased cost. Instead, your much-needed funds are exactly where you need them at all times, secured in your Health Wallet.

Health Insurance premiums may also increase for various reasons from time to time, costing you money. Health Saver, on the other hand, doesn’t discriminate against age, previous medical history or other factors. It is your money to use how and when you wish in the areas you need it most.

To find out more, get in touch today and talk to our team who are always on hand to help you receive the best healthcare in New Zealand.

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