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Healthcare can be costly – It’s a known fact.

The worst part about this –  The cost for health and wellness services are prohibiting us from accessing the care they need when they need it. 

Whether we have been in a position where we have neglected or deferred our health due to physical inability to service the cost at the time it is needed or out of preferential spending (would rather go out with friends than spend it on the doctor or the dental procedure we need), I am confident that we have all at one point or another been in a position where we have not accessed care we should have when it was needed.

The cost of health isn’t going to go down

With inflation, the cost of running a health-based business on the continual rise and the continual amounting pressure on our public sector, we can safely assume that the cost of health for us as end-users is going to continually increase. Additionally, wait times for public services will continue to get longer and longer amounting to its own list of issues for us as end-users. 

INNOVATION IS NEEDED – you can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result? 

The health sector has been in need of innovation from multiple differing angles for a long time. I have personally seen the mounting pressures for health-based businesses having run a large clinic with 108 staff distributed across 15 clinics prior to the founding of HealthNow. As a health business owner, you are being squeezed in a vice of cost, wanting to do good both for the business and for your patients all while juggling the pressures of (in most cases) still being a clinician. 

HealthNow was built to innovate and support health businesses,  making their services accessible in an equitable manner while increasing opportunities! Leading to businesses that are able to do well, and do good. Be financially sustainable while providing the care patients so desperately need. 

HealthNow is the only Health specific fintech solution working to solve macro health sector issues with empowering simple transactional solutions.

  • We provide a Buy Now Pay Later solution specifically for health – allowing you as a health business to treat patients now, get paid in full now, while your patient can spread the cost of their care over an interest-free time period (up to 6 weeks). This solution has been shown to increase speed of access to care from the acknowledgement of need and improve a health customer’s experience of transacting with health businesses.

    Instead of $160 today, your patient/client can split the cost into 6 weekly payments of $26.66
  • We help your patients prioritize health with the utilization of a self-insurance wallet that both they as an individual and their employer can contribute funds into to be used at our esteemed list of partners.
  • We constantly market the list of providers we have on our solution to our end users to make use of the fact that a patient/client can find the care they need from the right provider when they need it!

Keeping your business financially sustainable in the current economic client doesn’t need to come at the expense of your patients/clients ability to access the care they need. With innovation, adaptation to technology and a bit of business know-how, you can make/keep your service accessible and increase the rate of utilization – inadvertently increasing your businesses performance. 

Doing well – Doing good

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