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HRNZ Future Workplace Forum

The HealthNow team had a great day at the HRNZ Future Workplace Forum this week. The high level attendee list of HR professionals shared a vision for leveraging technology to create best practice strategies for the future.

Dr Michelle Dickinson kicked the day off with her high energy perspective of where technology is ‘now’ reminding us she is not a futurist even if some of her work seems to be lightyears in the future to most in the room.

While AI and its impact was front and center throughout the panels and talks for the day, the theme that people are unlikely to be replaced, and that its people who know how to leverage new technology that will rise to the top in the workplace in years to come.

For us, the combination of a tech-centric approach to working smarter and the emphasis on the importance of people being people was nicely aligned to the HealthNow mission. We had so many conversations with large organizations looking for better ways to deliver their current benefits plans, as well as those looking to roll out new wellness benefits in 2024.

There was a lot of cutting-edge information in the speaking roster, with glimpses into large organizations like PWC, AA, and Duncan Cotterill as to how they are delivering world class people programs in a modern era of technology and AI.

The HR conference was a first-class event, addressing the dynamic intersection of technology, automation, and human resources. A key focus was on the effects of automation, exploring both the displacement and creation of jobs across various sectors, including knowledge and process workers. This discussion delved into the evolving job landscape due to technological advancements.

A significant portion of the conference was dedicated to the ethical implications and practicalities of using artificial intelligence in decision-making. Attendees gained insights into how AI functions and the factors that influenced its effectiveness, providing a clearer understanding of its role in modern business.

Another critical topic was the impact of technology on employee privacy and data security, a growing concern in the digital age. The conference also explored how technology influenced communication and collaboration within teams, particularly in the context of hybrid and remote working models, which have become increasingly prevalent.

Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, enhanced through technology, were another area of discussion. The conference highlighted the importance of intentionally designing technology to promote inclusiveness.

The event also covered the expanding opportunities in digital education and its implementation in the workplace to foster a more agile, resilient, and innovative workforce. This included increasing access to education and training to adapt to the changing work environment.

Addressing the challenges of misinformation and disinformation in the workplace, especially in an era where content creation was widespread, was another critical topic.

Looking back, the conference provided insights into the future of technology evolution, identifying potential disruptors and exploring new technology tools available in the New Zealand market. These tools aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR professionals.

Lastly, the conference emphasized the importance of employee engagement and wellbeing in digital workplaces, showcasing tools like mental health apps and virtual wellness programs that support these aspects.

Overall, the conference offered a comprehensive overview of how technology is reshaping the HR landscape, providing valuable insights and strategies for professionals to navigate these changes effectively.

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