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New Zealanders Are Benefiting From Employer Aid Payments: But Is Your Clinic?

From scaffolding companies to premium hotel chains and leading technology firms to recruitment agencies, kiwi businesses are embracing the “better way” to support their employees with their health: employer aid. 

Historically, contributions to a private health insurance plan were seen as a highly attractive benefit of working for a company. Now, companies are recognising that not only are private health insurance plans highly restrictive in what they will cover with highly limiting pre-existing conditions and rules, but they don’t acknowledge that a person’s wellbeing extends far beyond themselves and is highly susceptible to what is happening with the health of their loved ones – who get no financial support from their health insurance plan. 

Hence, it comes as no surprise that employers are jumping to a genuinely health-focused (not money-focused) self-insurance initiative via HealthNow’s employer aid and health wallet service.


What Is Employer Aid And The Health Wallet?

Employer aid is the funds or payments that are contributed by an employer into their employee’s health wallet, an in-app account that holds these funds which can be used in place of cash when it comes time to pay for an appointment. The amount that is contributed, and the frequency of any contributions, are entirely customised by each company, giving great flexibility and freedom. This flexibility is then passed onto the employee, who chooses how they’d like to spend the money in their health wallet – with the caveat being that it must be a medical or health service, which HealthNow has an extensive list of approved providers. This list is not strict – clinics can easily sign up to be able to receive these payments so their patients can go to them to use the money in their health wallet – they just need to meet some basic criteria of being a genuine registered health or medical service.

Employer aid payments are becoming the preferred option over private health copayments as companies are starting to realise that the health and wellbeing of their employees exceeds the urgent and limited medical services routinely offered by insurance companies. Instead, it encompasses everything from allowing employees to seek help for health fears or concerns that are still at a pre-diagnostic level (may not be formally diagnosed yet or display acute symptoms, but the person has genuine concerns that are affecting their mental, emotional or physical health on the issue), to being able to purchase nutritional supplements, thermometers and other pharmacy products, to using the funds on unwell family members – because our own health can be very closely tied into the health of our family, something that regular insurance plans do not acknowledge in their black-and-white approach.


The Benefits To Clinics Of Employer Aid

Up to 39% of New Zealand adults have been reported delaying seeing their GP when they have a genuine medical concern due to the costs. Your clinic will have plenty of people who want to book in with you and use your services, but don’t because they don’t have the funds available immediately in their bank account. Employer aid payments give them the funds, while also promoting early access to healthcare which can help yield better results faster, compared to more serious injuries or more severe health problems which have been left untreated due to financial barriers. 


And After Employer Aid Funds Have Run Out?

The beauty of the HealthNow platform is that it truly is a win-win for both patients and health professionals. If a patient has no more funds left in their health wallet, they can use HealthNow’s free Buy Now Pay Later service to spread the cost of their appointment over up to twelve weeks – with no fees or interest. This means they can continue to access your services at only a fraction of the cost on the day, while your clinic gets paid in full on the same day by HealthNow.


Can My Clinic Accept Employer Aid Payments For Patient Appointments?

Absolutely. Any health or medical professional, including allied health services and pharmacies, can accept employer aid payments via the HealthNow app. This process is screened and each clinic or health service is individually yet efficiently onboarded to ensure that this is a viable clinic or service. The onboarding process is designed to be extremely easy for you as a clinic, with full training provided.


HealthNow currently operates both across NZ and the United States (under the name CoverUS) and hosts a wide range of health services including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Medical centres
  • Skin check clinics
  • Optometrists
  • Audiologists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Nutritionists and dietitians
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health services
  • Dental clinics
  • Radiologists
  • Dermatologists
  • DNA testing services


Additional Benefits Of Joining HealthNow

The HealthNow platform is constantly growing to make it better for both health service providers and health consumers. Some of the many benefits you reap just by joining include:

  • Attracting more clients – users are able to search for health providers offering the HealthNow payment platform through the app
  • Building loyalty through access – allowing clients to see you when they may not have been able to previously afford the upfront costs
  • Supporting long-term health outcomes – when the stress of upfront cost is removed, users increase the amount they spend on health products and services leading to better long term health outcomes
  • Offering a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) alternative for those without employer aid payments

HealthNow built their reputation through being the world’s first health-specific BNPL platform at no cost to health consumers. This means that clients can access the health services they need and split the cost of the payments over up to twelve weeks, while the clinic gets paid in full on the day.


Is It Easy To Accept Employer Aid Payments?

Accepting employer aid payments is now a simple and streamlined process, with very few technical requirements for your clinic due to HealthNow’s innovative AI technology. Start by following the free and easy sign up process as a health provider. 

All health wallet holders have the HealthNow app on their smartphone, which is used when it comes time to pay for their health service or product. This is done instantly from the app much like an eftpos card – funds are withdrawn from their account and you receive instant confirmation that they’ve been successfully passed to your clinic and you get paid in full on the day.

As a health provider, you incur minimal fees for each transaction, with full transparency and no surprises.


Get Started For Free Today

There is no cost to sign up or integrate with HealthNow, and all training and support are completely free with no ongoing subscription or monthly charges. HealthNow also offers a free trial period so you can ensure it’s easy and simple to use, and right for your team.


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