Health Now

On average every expense reimbursement costs a business over $50

Eliminate the need for individual expenses and give your people confidence when accessing healthcare. 

The true cost

Numerous research reports state the true cost of expense reimbursement over $50. This increases when claims are incorrect or are missing data.

HealthNow stops out of pocket payments

HealthNow eliminates the need for your people to pay out of pocket, decreasing stress and anxiety around affordability and reimbursement timeframes.

Give your people access to healthcare

Provide funds in a simple and effective way using the HealthNow card so your people gain the confidence to spend when and where they need to. You eliminate the costs of managing the downstream expense reimbursement. 

How it works

Swiper Fade Effect


Set the budget for the required assessment or service.


Select Occupational Health Clinics as the allowed service sector.


Your people use the HealthNow card like any other bank card, accessing funds for the service its intended for and nowhere else.


Get valuable insights into utility, spend and activation across the organisation.

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