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Struggling To Lose Weight? It Could Be Your DNA – Here’s What To Do

“I just limit alcohol and sugars and the weight falls off”

“When I need to lose weight, I just start running. I notice a difference by the end of the week”

“Losing weight isn’t hard, you just need self-control”


We’ve all heard people making comments like these before. For them, losing weight is likely a really simple equation – much like how online articles and health professionals portray it to be – it’s just “energy in vs energy out”, apparently. 

While it’s super easy to adopt this viewpoint if the equation has worked for you, there are tens of thousands of New Zealanders for whom weight loss is really not that simple or easy. In fact, it’s very difficult and incredibly frustrating. They follow the same equation and get no results. Some people even make assumptions about their motivation or effort levels around their weight loss goals when the weight doesn’t just “fall off”, which in turn can actually lead to them losing motivation and ceasing to take action. It’s a daily struggle for many.


Diets Don’t Acknowledge How Unique We Are

The reason that weight loss can be such a challenge for some is that standard diets don’t acknowledge how unique each one of us is. From our physical appearance to how we process information to key differences in our physiology, our unique factors mean that our body can respond very differently to different stimuli. 

Some people burn in response to sun exposure, others tan without turning red. Some people’s insulin activity means they have a poor response to elevated blood sugar levels after meals, while others manage blood sugars seamlessly. Some experience mild and often undiagnosed intolerances, where the intake of certain foods – even natural foods like certain fruits and vegetables – leads to a mild inflammatory response within the body. Others don’t.

So then, how are so many people undertaking or being placed on one-size-fits-all diets and expecting to see the same results? It makes sense that just like everything else, our bodies would respond differently to diets, and that some things may work better than others for certain people. So could the key to what will work best for you be in your DNA?


Your DNA May Give You An Insight Into Why Your Diet Isn’t Working, And What WILL Work

Your genetics and your weight go hand in hand. Research suggests that while for some people their genes account for just 25% of their predisposition for being overweight, for others the genetic influence is as high as up to 80%. For those that do struggle to lose weight, there may be an underlying cause that can be found in your genetic makeup. This can be uncovered by completing a DNA diet and healthy weight test

This test looks at genetic markers in your DNA that are known and proven to be involved in your weight. You’ll receive a full 70 page (approximately) report that explores:


  • Your weight loss ability: This examines your body’s potential to readily lose weight and whether you have the genes that will encourage weight loss and keep the weight off, or if you have more unfavorable genes that will make it tougher for you to lose weight.
  • How your body uses carbs, proteins as well as fats: You’ll get an insight into what proportions of fat, carbohydrate and proteins you should be having in your diet to optimise your weight loss potential based on your genetics, as well as for your age, height and other personal factors.
  • Nutrients & vitamins: While vitamins and micronutrients are not directly involved in weight loss, they support functions in our body which affect your weight. Your test results will help you find answers to whether your genes may channel you towards any deficiencies, which nutrients and vitamins you should be taking more of, and what foods you can get them from.
  • Cardio response, strength training and exercise regimes: Knowing how much you should exercise and understanding the exercise factors that enable you to lose weight is crucial. Your report will explore how your genetic profile affects your response to cardio exercises, how intense your workouts should be, how often you should exercise, and your genetic profile for weight training. This section also includes details about your glucose response and much more.


You’ll also go in-depth about the interactions between the food you eat on a daily basis and your genetic makeup, while providing a recommended diet plan that can help you reach your weight loss goals so you can finally start seeing some results.


How Does The Test Work?

You start by ordering the diet DNA test and receiving a kit containing full instructions and mouth swabs to collect your DNA – no blood tests needed. You then send your samples back in a pre-addressed envelope and receive your report 6-8 weeks later.


How Much Does Diet DNA Testing Cost?

Depending on who you complete your test through, average prices range from $200-$300. While this testing presents an excellent investment opportunity into your future health, having these extra funds readily available to spend isn’t possible for many kiwis. This is why companies like EasyDNA have partnered with HealthNow to offer a fee-free and interest-free Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option exclusively for health and medical services. This means you can order your test now while paying only a small fraction of the upfront costs.


Spread Your Payments Over Up To Twelve Weeks

With HealthNow’s easy and free platform, you can spread your payments over a total of up to twelve weeks, giving you extreme flexibility to work within your budget. Unlike other BNPL services, HealthNow meets a higher level of regulatory compliance to ensure that it operates with social responsibility, given its role in the health sector. While health consumers split their bill and delay the full upfront cost, your testing lab gets paid in full on the day by HealthNow, making it a win-win.


Ready To Get Some Answers?

Registering for HealthNow is free and easy – and you can quickly start using it for a range of services including allied health treatments, doctors visits, pharmacy medications – and much more. 


To start using HealthNow and claim your $10 credit when you first create an account to use on any health service, sign up here. You can also check out HealthNow’s full benefits and features, including a health wallet to store funds set aside for health services that can be contributed to by others, including your employer.


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