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Boosting Business Prosperity: The Role of HealthNow in Elevating Staff Morale

In the intricate tapestry of organisational success, staff morale is an important linchpin, influencing company culture, employee engagement, and overall economic performance. As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern workforce, HealthNow is further exploring the role and value that we are bringing not just as a healthcare initiative but as a strategic partner in […]

HealthNow: A Strategic Catalyst for Employee Retention and Recruitment Success

For many businesses and organisations at present, attracting and retaining top-tier talent is a perpetual challenge. This is an area of key focus for HealthNow, as we position ourselves as a strategic partner in best supporting businesses to optimise this area and their overall business success, be it through a satisfied workforce, enhanced profitability, streamlined […]

Optimising Business Success: HealthNow’s Strategic Role in Boosting Employee Productivity

In the dynamic landscape of business success, the pillar of productivity stands as a critical determinant, shaping the trajectory from a satisfied workforce to optimised profitability and reduced staff turnover. Recognising this intricate link between employee well-being and business success, here’s a look into how HealthNow emerges as a transformative health initiative, strategically designed to […]

The Hidden Toll of Absenteeism and Presenteeism: A Holistic Approach With HealthNow

Absenteeism and presenteeism are often discussed in terms of their impact on businesses, but the true cost extends far beyond the workplace. Absenteeism not only keeps employees away from work but can also have profound effects on their mental and physical well-being. Absenteeism: The Bigger Picture In New Zealand, absenteeism due to health issues sees […]

The Transformation Of Employee Benefits: Are You Keeping Up?

You already know that salary is very important to your current employees, and a key drawcard in your recruitment process. But is your company keeping up with the growing prioritisation of and focus on employee benefits to support the health, wellbeing and satisfaction of your current and prospective employees? This is a very real effect […]

Our Experience at Talent X, Auckland

The HealthNow team donned fresh, white branded t-shirts and set up our pull-up banner at the inaugural Talent X conference in Auckland. We approached this event with open minds, recognizing that the recruitment industry was somewhat uncharted territory for us. Our primary clientele comprises employers looking to streamline their health and wellness benefit processes for […]

Cold Homes: The Impact On NZ Families And Their Health

As with each year here in New Zealand, winter comes, the temperature significantly drops, and many of us face a cold home at a time when we should be relying on the warmth and comfort in our homes to see us through the cold months. However, for some, homes may not provide the respite they […]

Is It Just A Sore Tooth, Or A Sign Of Employee Health On The Back Burner? 

In today’s fast-paced world of modern work, employees often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, deadlines and commitments at work, which unfortunately can lead to employee health taking a backseat. When employees regularly ignore or delay their health concerns, whether it be a persistent toothache, a pain in their knee that makes it uncomfortable to walk […]

How Can You Equip Your Team With Health Knowledge And Skills?

In today’s fast-paced world, employers recognise the importance of supporting their workforce’s health and well-being. One innovative approach gaining traction is the concept of “employer aid payments,” where businesses offer their employees annual (or periodic) payments dedicated exclusively to health and medical services. By providing these resources, companies empower their teams to grow and develop […]

Cost Of Living Crisis: Can Your Employees Afford To Look After Their Health?

Mortgage repayments rising over $1000 per month from the interest rate hike, grocery bills rising by over $100 per fortnight, utility bills increasing by over 10%, ask almost any New Zealander, and the list of increased expenses they’re incurring on a daily basis feels never-ending. While many are quick to dish out ‘money-saving tips’ or […]

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