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Simplifying benefit administration for modern companies

The simplest way to provide and manage employee benefits all in one place.

Autonomy, Value and Simplicity for your employees

Provide a HealthNow payment card and remove the discomfort and admin associated with Employee benefits. Choose a contribution amount, select the sectors you want to support and let your employees autonomously purchases with their personal HealthNow card.

New Zealanders are delaying the healthcare they need

When sick, 46% of New Zealanders delay or avoid health appointments due to cost.

46% of New Zealanders who do not have health insurance delay seeing a health professional when they are sick for two days or longer or don’t go at all due to cost and inability to get an appointment.1 Delaying health needs can very quickly affect an individual’s wellbeing, spilling over into work life, creating a culture of disengaged staff. Considering that people spend an average of 30% of their waking life at work, employers stand to benefit the most from their employees’ improved health and wellness.2

By providing the opportunity for staff to proactively seek care, we can reduce the need for more expensive and complex treatments down the road. This helps to create a healthier, happier, more productive workforce, with fewer sick days and improved overall wellbeing.


1- Southern Cross. (2023, March). Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report [A report providing New Zealand employers insight to better understand and look after their employees’ health]. Healthy Futures Report Business Edition.

2 – Wellbeing Science and Policy , pp. 178 – 201

Modern and progressive organisations invest billions in employee health & wellbeing not just because it’s good PR, but because they know it pays off.
26% of employees are satisfied with their current benefits. 70% of workers believed benefits were extremely important to their decision to take and retain a job.

The ROI of Employee Wellbeing

  • Latest research globally on the state of wellness benefits
  • Quantitative data on the commercial return of investing in employee wellness
  • Three pillars to measure the ROI of the investment


  • It’s more important than ever for employers to attract new talent with stand out benefits that other employers are not offering.


  • Recruitment can be challenging and the cost of replacing staff is a financial burden for many employers. 


  • Retain your staff by showing you value their health and wellness. Feeling valued creates a culture of happier, more engaged employees which leads to increased job satisfaction and performance.

Focus on what really matters.

Employer Portal

Gain significant insight into the value of your employment benefit. Our HealthNow dashboard is customisable and provides employers with full access to view live data on the utilisation of the program. Examples of this are funds accessed, utliisation of funds and active users.

Employee App

The HealthNow app is a digital health wallet for employees with NFC transaction functionality. Meaning, employees can spend their allowance with the same transaction experience as paying for their groceries at a supermarket. 

Employees can manage their allowance by viewing their balance of funds and transaction history. Most importantly, they can view the list of the participating health and wellness sectors where their card can be used.

Employee Card

One HealthNow payment card for all your employees health and wellness expenses with an open merchant network approach – ie. any Merchant that offers eftpos as payment solution works with HealthNow.

A seamless experience for employers: 

Step 1  - Choose employee contribution amount

Employers decide how much they want to contribute to employee health wallets. We provide guidance and advice based on national averages and other data sources.The average kiwis spends $410 per annum on health related costs and we see average annual HealthNow commitments ranging from 0.3% to 1% of base salary

Step 2 - Design the Plan

Plans let employees spend their allowance on health related costs. Choose contribution value for your team which health and wellness categories and services are important to your team,

Step 3 - Provide us with a CSV file

We require a CSV or excel file containing employee first name, last name and email address. This is used to create the employee accounts and to help set up the Employer Dashboard.


We have a dedicated team who will support you through the entire onboarding process.`Our team will spend time collecting information and learning about what is important to your business and employees. Shortly after this, we will invite you to a one on one training session and from here create a collaborative strategy to launch HealthNow to your employees.

We are here every step of the way and are committed to making your experience seamless and enjoyable.

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