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We believe healthcare is a fundamental human right, however the evidence shows that too often accessing healthcare is inequitable, largely due to financial barriers. In fact, currently 34-39% of the NZ and AUS population aren’t able to access care due to financial barriers. 

When an individual knows they need to see a healthcare professional, but doesnt go because it’s a choice between basic living costs or an appointment, as a country and as employers we have a huge problem. People suffer, families suffer, Employers suffer and total healthcare costs skyrocket when hospitals are filled with patients who were forced to put health on the back burner and now have escalating conditions needing tertiary care.

The average full time position works out at 36.5 hours per week. Moreover, the average FTE employee is spending 50% of their awake hours at work in a given day (ref). This is before we consider the additional mental, physical and emotional commitment and the time spends thinking and planning for work outside of their tangible working hours.  

Employers are unfortunately also wearing the cost of employee health and wellbeing. When employees are not their optimal selves, costs soar for employers. Absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition rise, impacting businesses with reduced productivity, organization disruption, IP loss and direct cost.

We believe Employers have a responsibility to help

The good news is employers recognise their opportunity to improve outcomes and their bottom lines. 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of maturity in the current benefits strategies. We have seen a recurring “one size fits all” approach across sectors and organization. This is problematic because the health and wellbeing needs of society are diverse, complex and can be specific to age, gender or ethnicity.

The key is to provide an employee centric approach. Providing healthcare inclusion and giving people autonomy to participate in their own health and wellbeing in a manner that best suits their unique needs. HealthNow provides employers with this solution.
At HealthNow we are committed to innovating and making notable improvements in the space of Healthcare and Health transactions.
We see ourselves as the horizontal infrastructure that exists between the employer who wants to support their employee.

We work with modern companies to deliver an administratively free, employee centric approach to participating in employee health and wellbeing.
Learn more about the NZ and AU employee benefits landscape in our annual white paper.

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