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National HR Summit 2024

The HealthNow team had a sensational day at the HRD National HR Summit on Wednesday. We knew it was going to be a top tier event, and it lived up to expectations. The attendees were the best in the game, the topics and thought leadership were first class and there was genuine energy and passion for the HR discipline in the room. 

As we navigate the series of events on offer in New Zealand and Australia, we begin to see the same people attending these top tier events, demonstrating their genuine passion for their craft as people leaders and HR professionals. As the workplace and workforce undergo significant changes around the world it’s these people on the front lines paving the way and navigating the path to ensure their people are safe, healthy and feel valued.

The combination of tools in their toolbox to create this ideal environment and culture extend far beyond remuneration in a transitional sense and now rests as much on an employee’s sense of inclusion and belonging, and their value in an increasingly diverse workforce. This event was filled with people on that mission looking for ideas, tools and better ways of delivering that intention in their own workplaces. 

We were thrilled to see our great friends Anderson Lloyd win HR Team of the year, and Mark Lewis from Connetics take home another award as HR Director of the year. 

Some big takeaways

  • Psychological safety is the foundation of employee wellness
  • Employees wanted their leaders to walk the walk
  • Early interventions have an outsized impact on employee wellbeing 
  • An employee centric approach to business objectives improves outcomes
  • AI is set to disrupt 

Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you to everyone we spoke to that showed interest in the HealthNow mission.

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