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Optimising Business Success: HealthNow’s Strategic Role in Boosting Employee Productivity

In the dynamic landscape of business success, the pillar of productivity stands as a critical determinant, shaping the trajectory from a satisfied workforce to optimised profitability and reduced staff turnover. Recognising this intricate link between employee well-being and business success, here’s a look into how HealthNow emerges as a transformative health initiative, strategically designed to bolster productivity and secure the long-term prosperity of businesses.

If you’re not yet familiar with what HealthNow is, how it works or the range of benefits it offers to you or your company or organisation, read this first.

Understanding Productivity As The Key To Success

Productivity, defined by how efficiently a business’s inputs convert to outputs, encapsulates the essence of success. The bottom-line outcomes, workforce satisfaction, and the ability to navigate challenges all hinge on the seamless execution of tasks and projects. HealthNow, as a comprehensive health initiative, positions itself as a key player in fostering a workplace culture where productivity thrives.

Investing in the well-being of employees is a proven strategy to elevate productivity. Investments in employee well-being wield transformative power on productivity. When businesses champion the health and lifestyle of their workforce, employees emerge as higher performers exhibit fewer days off work and sustain elevated levels of focus, creativity, and customer service. HealthNow, through its innovative approach, propels businesses towards success by supporting employee health and supporting a healthy lifestyle so these benefits can be yielded for both the company and its employees on a personal level.

Research at the University of California and Washington University underscores the tangible impact, revealing a 5% surge in worker productivity through wellness program participation, equivalent to an extra day of work each month. HealthNow, with its proactive health management, mental well-being support, employee-driven health priorities, and overall holistic wellness approach that gives employees control of their health, aligns seamlessly with these findings, creating an environment that best positions employees to thrive.

Presenteeism And The Hidden Costs

Presenteeism, often overlooked yet immensely impactful, significantly contributes to productivity loss, reducing it by one-third or more. The financial toll of presenteeism is contentious but is estimated to cost employers two to three times more than direct medical care. Research indicates that presenteeism results in 27 times more working days lost than absenteeism, emphasising its pervasive impact. Unfortunately, this hidden cost only surfaces in financial reports when prevented, making it crucial to address through well-being initiatives. 

This is where HealthNow helps serve as a strategic weapon that helps to address the root causes of poor health behaviours, health risks, and chronic diseases. By investing in employee health and well-being via HealthNow, employers are able to start to mitigate the pervasive impact of presenteeism.

Measuring Productivity And HealthNow’s Impact

With HealthNow only coming to the market as a business and health initiative in recent years, we are now developing strategies to better help measure the impact of investing in employee health, an often challenging task. We plan on gathering data from several areas including absence reports, Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS), presenteeism surveys, key performance indicators (KPIs) and more in order to gain a more holistic understanding of productivity movements. Ultimately, to encourage a culture of well-being, we aim to help employees be not just present but fully engaged, energised, and creatively stimulated in their work – allowing each workplace to reap the benefits.

Research And Business Insights

Research studies showcase a compelling connection between employee health initiatives and overall business performance. Companies with top-tier health programs consistently outperform the S&P 500, with tangible benefits such as increased stock valuation and remarkable returns over various time frames. The findings underscore the correlation between employee health, productivity, and sustained business success.

Unilever’s Fit Business program exemplifies the tangible returns on investing in employee health. Through initiatives targeting nutrition and fitness, Unilever saved £300,000 in reduced absenteeism over two years. The program not only improved attendance but also contributed to a positive workplace culture, where employees felt supported in their health and well-being.

ROI Perspective: HealthNow as the Catalyst for Success

Recent research by Avalere Health, funded by the US Chamber of Commerce, underscores the pivotal role of increased productivity in driving the ROI from employer-sponsored healthcare coverage initiatives. We see HealthNow as one such catalyst that can contribute to this success, supporting the outcomes seen in the study which projected substantial productivity returns that account for over half of the overall benefits received from employee health initiatives. Specifically, the study indicates that, by 2024, for every dollar spent on employee health, businesses could get back $1.48 in financial benefits.

Final Thoughts

Inarguably, the success of a business is intricately tied to the productivity of its workforce, making employee well-being a strategic imperative. HealthNow stands as a comprehensive solution, not only addressing presenteeism challenges but actively fostering a workplace where productivity is optimised. By supporting the prioritisation of employee health in a multifaceted way, HealthNow propels businesses towards success – whether defined through a satisfied workforce, enhanced profitability, reduced staff turnover, or overall operational excellence.

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