Health Now

Creating healthier organisations

Provide a flexible health and wellbeing benefit to attract and retain happier, healthier people. 

Good companies are doing more for their people

From simple support towards basic healthcare needs, through to more perks-related wellbeing allowances, HealthNow makes it simple and effective to deliver an equitable solution to your people wherever they are.

Build a plan that aligns with your budget and values

You decide what sorts of products and services you want to enable as part of your plan

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Custom and flexible

You can create custom plans for your people on HealthNow. You get a one stop shop solution to provide the allowances to your people and they get the flexibility and choice to decide how they spend it within the control of your plan. 

How it works

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Set the budget for the required assessment or service.


Select Occupational Health Clinics as the allowed service sector.


Your people use the HealthNow card like any other bank card, accessing funds for the service its intended for and nowhere else.


Get valuable insights into utility, spend and activation across the organisation.

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Happier, healthier employees with HealthNow

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