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Customer Story from Build Interiors

We hear from Sam Newell the managing director of Build Interiors, which is a nationwide commercial construction company that specialises in interior fit-outs. Build Interiors have 11 internal staff and a wider team including builders and other services that total around 32, with an additional subcontractor network.

Sam talks about how ‘staying healthy and well is key’, Build Interiors values, and understands that an employee’s health and wellbeing directly affect the person’s ability to perform at work. The comparison between not looking after your staff’s wellbeing translates into more sick days and unproductively which directly affects the company’s goals and culture.
HealthNow was a ‘no brainer’ decision for Sam to implement at Build Interiors, as HealthNow fits the deliverables of cost, quality, and time while providing a personalised healthcare and wellbeing experience. The goal is to make Health and Wellbeing more accessible and that is Build Interiors priority for their staff.

Sam can see how the cost is a roadblock for Kiwis needing healthcare, and how great it is seeing his team being able to access the care needed with the cost roadblocked removed. Taking away the financial barriers is important to their culture at Build Interiors, and working with HealthNow has enabled them to deliver on this belief.

The platform also provides a practical tool, the HealthNow Mastercard, which directly supports the individual’s healthcare and wellbeing experiences by putting healthcare in their hands when and where they need it. Sam also provides insight on how smooth, efficient, and easy the onboarding process was, and how great it is to see how passionate the HealthNow team is and how much they care about health and wellbeing.

Build Interiors vision, values and goals directly align with HealthNow’s own philosophy, in promoting and prioritising health and wellbeing for employees, Sam talks about how HealthNow is a long-term solution, and one that he would recommend to businesses who are looking to streamline their health benefits, with ‘no hassle and headaches.’

Customers Stories

TPW – Total property works

“As Director, my top priority is the well-being and productivity of our workforce, and HealthNow has proven to be a game-changer.” Chris Brebner – TPW Director


“This benefit has emerged as a game-changer to support our team and provide a differentiated value proposition.” Guy Day – Managing Director

The ROI of Employee Wellbeing

  • Latest research globally on the state of wellness benefits
  • Quantitative data on the commercial return of investing in employee wellness 
  • Three pillars to measure the ROI of the investment
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