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Why HealthNow?

Customer Story from Total Property Works

When managing the important maintenance and upgrades of multi million dollar assets for both listed and private landlords, you don’t get too many second chances. Total Property Works (TPW) has been servicing Auckland’s leading property owners for 15 years, combining reactive repairs and maintenance in situations like Auckland’s 2023 floods, to re-foods and general construction work across vast portfolios.

Chris Brebner, Director at TPW has a laser focus on the connection between having their team operating at their best and the outcomes they stand behind for their clients. As we sat to talk with Chris it became quickly evident that they have a passion for helping not only their team, but the families of those people too.

With 40 staff plus contractors, they have a diverse workforce spanning their South Auckland back office, out to the ever changing range of sites they work on.

Chris says they
“put a lot of focus on health, wellbeing and safety because if everyone is in tip top fighting shape everyone wins”.

This rings true when you walk around their site and meet the team.

Their journey to HealthNow was seamless,
“we met with HealthNow and within 10 minutes we saw the value immediately”

“We found the onboarding process incredibly easy” easily deciding on contribution amounts and where the funds could be spent. Once they had cards in their hands, the data feedback loop was great, “A lot of the time it wasn’t them, it was their wives or children getting sick” and they have doubled down on this.

Chris sees HealthNow being part of their future recruitment and retention strategies. Part of the generous offering they provide already, which includes encouraging their team to use their HealthNow funds for a gym membership where they train as a team, as well as TPW putting on team lunches and other wellness events throughout the year.

We are proud to be part of a very forward thinking customer story like this, a business clearly investing in its people and using the latest technology like HealthNow to provide a fair, equitable benefit that gives their team the choice and individualisation that only HealthNow can provide.



“As Director, my top priority is the well-being and productivity of our workforce, and HealthNow has proven to be a game-changer.”

Chris Brebner – TPW Director

Since implementing the app, we’ve noticed a significant shift in how our team members approach their health. They now proactively address small health issues that might have otherwise gone untreated. This not only fosters a culture of care but also mitigates potential larger problems down the line.

Moreover, this heightened focus on health and well-being has translated directly into increased safety on our construction sites. When each team member is in top form, we’re able to ensure a more secure working environment for everyone involved. The positive impact on our operations has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The HealthNow app has become an invaluable tool in our pursuit of a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any organization looking to prioritize their workforce’s well-being.

“HealthNow has had a remarkable impact on our team at Auckland Construction and Roofing Company.”

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