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Customer Story from Raw Essentials Pet Food

Walking into Raw Essentials HQ you very quickly get the feeling that for most people working there it’s about more than a job, they love pets. Probably most animals, but certainly pets and their daily role in providing high quality pet food is somewhat of a passion that underpins the culture at the business.

Michael, who runs the business having grown it to over 100 staff across 17 locations confirms this to us as we sit down to chat.

It’s more than just that, as we learn more about the raw ingredients used to make the wide range of products we see the wild meat trapped and used, a double impact of quality nutrients and a reduction in the pest population for New Zealand.

It’s this genuine, multilayered approach to doing the right thing that has underpinned the story of how Raw Essentials found HealthNow and why they have provided access to a health and wellness benefit using the HealthNow card for their nationwide staff.

Michael provides a clear insight into the diverse nature of their workforce, from the speciality manufacturing processes and workforce at their newly established plant in Auckland, through to the retail staff who are moving boxes and provisioning their freezers across their retail network.

The demands on the health of their people differ greatly and HealthNow enables them to provide a financial contribution that offers their people the individualisation, access and choice they want with the guardrails the business wants to control the sectors the funds can be accessed. 

He outlines the simplicity of administering the platform and also onboarding, with the easy configuration and HealthNow Mastercard delivery being very seamless.

HealthNow has given them the platform to do something that aligns with their culture, values and budget to provide for the team in ways they haven’t been able to before. Watch Michael tell the story of Raw Essentials and the success they have found with HealthNow.

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