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“Beyond Compliance: Crafting a Holistic Wellbeing Strategy using the ‘Musts, Needs, and Wants methodology'”

HealthNow has engaged with hundreds of leaders in the HR, Health & Safety, Wellbeing and Occupational Health space to understand how they develop strategies to deliver better health outcomes for their people. There are some common trends that have emerged. 

  1. More is being demanded by the workforce from their employers when it comes to their personal health and wellbeing. (Read more in the Employer Market Report)
  2. Good companies realise that investing more the health of their employees has tangible business returns (read more in ROI of Employee Wellbeing Report)
  3. There is a shift from the historical focus on physical health and safety to a more psychosocial view including mental health and wellbeing, equity, inclusion and belonging. 

Through this wide engagement, and analysing data of how organisations use the HealthNow platform, we have observed some common approaches in how good health and wellbeing strategies are developed. We have defined this approach as the ‘Musts, Needs and Wants Methodology’. This approach provides a clear framework for organisations to determine what they want to contribute to in each bucket and then build out their strategy within each bucket in a way that aligns with their budget, culture and values. 

In the pursuit of organizational excellence, navigating the ‘Musts’ of employee health regulations is a starting point, not a final destination. While every organisation grapples with the essential task of managing these mandatory health requirements, it’s the forward-thinking companies that look beyond mere regulatory compliance. They understand that the right platform can streamline ‘Musts’ and unlock opportunities to cultivate a robust ‘Needs and Wants’ strategy. This broader vision contributes to building a stronger, healthier workforce, which in turn creates a healthier organisation. 

The Foundational ‘Musts’

‘Musts’ are the bedrock of an organization’s health and wellbeing program—those non-negotiable elements that ensure legal and ethical compliance. They are the mandatory health assessments and safety protocols that protect employees and businesses alike. Yet, managing these ‘Musts’ can be onerous, demanding substantial administrative effort. Recognizing this, innovative platforms have emerged, designed to simplify compliance, ensuring that organizations can meet their obligations efficiently and effectively. For many industries these are hard coded into regulation, such as periodic medicals or drug testing that organisation must deliver to meet their obligations. 

The Efficiency of the Right Platform

A proficient platform revolutionises how organizations approach ‘Musts’. It transforms a potentially cumbersome process into a streamlined operation, saving time and resources. With an efficient system, companies can effortlessly keep track of medical assessments, regulatory updates, and compliance statuses. This proficiency in managing ‘Musts’ opens up bandwidth to focus on more strategic health initiatives—the ‘Needs and Wants’ that truly differentiate an employer in the marketplace.

The ‘Needs’ 

Once ‘Musts’ are under control, organisations can turn their attention to ‘Needs’ those health services and programs that employees rely on for their everyday well-being. These include initiatives like mental health support, comprehensive health screenings, and ergonomic assessments. While not mandated by law, they are vital for a workforce to remain vibrant and productive. The right platform allows an organisation to integrate these services seamlessly, showing employees that their health is a priority, which can boost morale and engagement.

The modern workforce is demanding that their employer plays a more influential role in their personal health and wellbeing, with research showing that 46% Gen Z employees would forgo a pay rise for more health and wellbeing benefits. Having healthy, productive employees has a direct impact on the bottom line, so ensuring the layer of healthcare that is so often put off or delayed due to financial constraints such as dentistry, physiotherapy and blood work can be funded by the employer has a significant mutual benefit in the long term. 

The Desirable ‘Wants’

And then there are the ‘Wants’ the perks and benefits that make employees feel valued and personally catered to. These might range from gym memberships to wellness allowances that employees can spend as they choose. A platform that offers flexibility and personalization in administering these benefits can greatly enhance the employee experience, contributing to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

The ‘wants’ have a high influence on attracting and retaining staff, these are the feel-good benefits that employees correlate with engagement and reward. By building a strategy within the ‘wants’ bucket that focuses on health and wellbeing, over more generic cash or entertainment centred benefits delivers more value to the organisation along the lines of the ‘musts’ and ‘needs’ above. Instead of a pre loaded cash card that can be used for alcohol, gambling or firearms.. Why not deliver a cash allowance that can be used almost anywhere, but not in those sectors that don’t align with company values such as the above alcohol, gambling and firearms? 

Building a Stronger Workforce and Organization

By effectively managing ‘Musts’, and thoughtfully incorporating ‘Needs and Wants’, organizations can construct a comprehensive wellbeing strategy that resonates on multiple levels. This approach not only fosters a healthy and compliant workforce but also demonstrates a commitment to the employees’ holistic well-being. The result is a more engaged, productive, and resilient team, which is essential for the long-term vitality of any organization.

Conclusion: A Strategic Path to Wellbeing – ‘Musts, needs and wants’ the new path forward.

An integrated approach to ‘Musts, Needs, and Wants’ is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about creating a culture that fully embraces employee wellbeing and celebrates the access to and delivery of better health outcomes for its people. The right platform provides a gateway to this holistic vision, enabling organizations to move beyond compliance and build a wellbeing strategy that truly enriches their workforce. In the current era, where the wellbeing of employees is paramount, this strategic approach is not merely beneficial—it is critical to the success and sustainability of an organisation.

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