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How To Pay For Your Health Costs – Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money In Your Account today

When things go wrong, or when we want to prioritise our health, accessing the health services we need leaves many kiwis caught out with hefty bills every year – and that’s if they choose to go ahead and make the appointment, bearing the full upfront costs. While New Zealand’s public hospitals are funded, our day-to-day health services that we are more likely to need on a regular basis, ranging from the GP to the various allied health services like our chiropractor, leave us with the full bill due at the time of the appointment. 


With medical payment plans almost completely phased out and traditional Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services being comparable to credit card companies when it comes to their high fees or interest, a better way that doesn’t punish those of us prioritising our health was desperately missing – until recently. Meet HealthNow: the world’s first BNPL dedicated entirely to the health and medical services that doesn’t take advantage of health consumers by charging them any utility fees or interest – at all.

Paying For Your Health Costs Is Simple

When it comes to taking care of your health, it should feel simple. HealthNow is designed to be incredibly simple and intuitive for the user. There’s no excessive paperwork, and you’re not left feeling overwhelmed by having an array of confusing choices that leave you wondering if you’ve followed the process correctly. Instead of having to sit down and work out how you can afford the whole bill, simply decide over how many weeks you’d like to divide the bill when it comes time to pay at reception. As you don’t have to make any decisions in advance, you can make the best choice that reflects your finances at the time.

When it comes to the health of other members of your family, you are able to simply and easily deposit funds into their HealthNow health wallet that they can use to pay exclusively for health and medical services. You know exactly where the money is going and what it will be used for, and you have the peace of mind that your family’s health isn’t being compromised by them delaying seeking help due to having insufficient funds.

Paying For Your Health Costs Is Fast

With the fast pace of our lives, paired with the speed of the ‘tap and go’ payments that we’ve become accustomed to, a fast and efficient payment method is a necessity. Unfortunately, for the few clinics that do still accept interest-laden payment plans, each visit is accompanied by a variety of forms, as well as verification and identity checks. With HealthNow, you’re already set to go, meaning that every time you use the app, there are no forms or time-consuming complexities – just a few taps on your smartphone that are done in 30 seconds or less.

Using HealthNow also means that you save the time and hassle of wading through your insurance policy to check whether you’d be covered, whether it’s a pre-existing condition, or if there are any other restrictions on your policy. If you’re eligible to claim on it, you then must proceed to fill in the tedious paperwork after your appointment, and then wait to hear back about whether you’ve been approved – or you’re left footing the entire bill anyway. A key feature of HealthNow is the ability to self-insure, meaning that yourself, your family members, and even your employer can also make small, regular contributions to have you covered when you need it – without all the terms, conditions and limitations.

Paying For Your Health Costs Is Seamless

Every aspect of the HealthNow service and the app you use is intentionally seamless – because your time matters, and so does your experience with us. We’ve thought through, tested and refined every aspect of our service, from the way we welcome you as a HealthNow user and sign you up, to every design feature of our app, knowing where your thumb is typically placed on the screen and how you naturally use the app.

Unlike other BNPL services in non-medical industries that remain unregulated, HealthNow meets a higher level of compliance to ensure that we operate with social responsibility in the healthcare sector. Simply put, we make sure that we tick all the boxes to set you up for success using our platform.

As a company that is on a steep upward trajectory and constantly growing, it also means that we are constantly looking to improve our offerings, the way we serve you, and your satisfaction with our app and services. If you have feedback or features you’d like to see to make your experience even better, we encourage all our users to let us know so we can keep getting better every day, together.

Getting Started With HealthNow

It takes one simple, fast and seamless process to sign up with HealthNow and use our services with absolutely no interest or fees for you as a health consumer. From there, everything you need to prioritise your health is at your fingertips – which doesn’t only include your appointments but everything like your prescriptions, pharmacy supplements, and health products like a foam roller from your physio. If you can purchase it from your health or medical clinic, you can use HealthNow to do so.

Learn more about how you can use HealthNow for everything from heel pain to managing your diabetes or your mental health. You can also check out HealthNow’s full benefits and features, including more information about our health wallet to store funds set aside for health services that can be contributed to by others including your employer.


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