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HealthNow: A Strategic Catalyst for Employee Retention and Recruitment Success

For many businesses and organisations at present, attracting and retaining top-tier talent is a perpetual challenge. This is an area of key focus for HealthNow, as we position ourselves as a strategic partner in best supporting businesses to optimise this area and their overall business success, be it through a satisfied workforce, enhanced profitability, streamlined […]

Optimising Business Success: HealthNow’s Strategic Role in Boosting Employee Productivity

In the dynamic landscape of business success, the pillar of productivity stands as a critical determinant, shaping the trajectory from a satisfied workforce to optimised profitability and reduced staff turnover. Recognising this intricate link between employee well-being and business success, here’s a look into how HealthNow emerges as a transformative health initiative, strategically designed to […]

Investing in Employee Mental Health For Engagement And Returns

Now may be the most important time to be investing in the mental health of your team, for the benefit of not just your staff but yourself as a manager and your organisation as a whole. He’s a very small window into  what’s happening in the world of workplace mental health: With mental health having […]

The Transformation Of Employee Benefits: Are You Keeping Up?

You already know that salary is very important to your current employees, and a key drawcard in your recruitment process. But is your company keeping up with the growing prioritisation of and focus on employee benefits to support the health, wellbeing and satisfaction of your current and prospective employees? This is a very real effect […]

Running Boosts Work Performance: So How Can You Support Your Staff That Run?


It’s easy to think of your employee’s extracurricular activities as just that – something that is entirely independent from their 9-5. But as an employer, you may find it interesting to learn that those employees that engage in regular exercise like running may actually be supporting their work performance in more ways than you know. […]

Help Your Staff Manage Arthritis Pain: Boost Productivity, Morale & Retention

Arthritis is a painful, limiting and progressively disabling condition that is estimated to affect almost 700,000 New Zealanders. With many of those affected still being in the workforce, this means that as an employer, the effects of arthritis can lead to absenteeism, presenteeism, productivity and profit loss, impaired team culture – and much more. With […]

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