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“Mackleys is grateful to the team at Health Now. This benefit is crucial as it encourages employees to prioritise their health and well-being.”

Bridgett Downes – People and Culture Manager

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In a male-dominated industry like transport and logistics, where men can be reluctant to seek medical attention, this benefit is a game-changer. The pressure of their roles can take a toll on their mental and physical health, and having funds readily available can help them get checked out when problems arise. For some, this means being able to see a GP or get a new pair of glasses. All of this leads to less staff absence and a fit and healthy team ready to tackle the big jobs for our customers.

It is important to recognise that investing in employee health is an investment in the company’s success. By providing funds for medical use, Mackleys can help ensure our team is healthy and productive. This benefit can also help reduce healthcare costs in the long run by catching health issues early on before they become more serious.

Overall, Health Now’s benefit is beyond amazing for Mackleys, and it is something that other transport companies should consider implementing as well. Thank you again, Health Now, for your commitment to employee health and well-being.

The ROI of Employee Wellbeing

  • Latest research globally on the state of wellness benefits
  • Quantitative data on the commercial return of investing in employee wellness
  • Three pillars to measure the ROI of the investment

Customers Stories

Build Interiors

Sam talks about how ‘staying healthy and well is key’, Build Interiors values, and understands that an employee's health and wellbeing directly affect the person's ability to perform at work.

TPW – Total property works

“As Director, my top priority is the well-being and productivity of our workforce, and HealthNow has proven to be a game-changer.” Chris Brebner – TPW Director
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