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What is a Health Wallet and Why You Should Get One

Life is unpredictable. One of the invigorating and nerve-wracking parts of life is never knowing what’s around the corner. However, when it comes to our health, we need to be prepared


What is a Health Wallet?

At HealthNow, our Health Saver removes cost barriers from healthcare services and empowers users to save money regularly, specifically for their health needs. Financial burdens shouldn’t come between you and your health. Stop paying premiums for services you won’t use and instead insure yourself for those times you need it most. We have a heap of healthcare providers near you who have committed to accessible care by partnering with HealthNow. Don’t rely on others, be your own health insurance with Health Now’s ‘Health Saver’ in 5 easy steps.

  1. Create an Account: In a matter of minutes you can sign-up to Health Saver for free from your phone or computer. 
  2. Make a Deposit: Put away a little $$$ at a time, whenever you can, to stay prepared for any future health needs to spend as you wish.
  3. Regular Contributions: Ensure your future health needs are taken care of by opting to choose a subscription plan and put your savings on autopilot.
  4. Get the Treatment You Need: Never delay your treatment again. Visit your provider online or instore using the finances in your Health Saver wallet
  5. Pay with Health Wallet: It’s simple to pay whether you have the full amount or not. Repay treatment costs over an interest-free payment period of up to 12 weeks. 


Importance of Removing Cost Barriers From Healthcare

Access to Healthcare

When cost is a barrier, many individuals and families, especially those with lower incomes or limited resources, may be unable to afford necessary medical services. Removing cost barriers ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has equal access to healthcare services.


Improved Public Health Outcomes

When New Zealanders can access healthcare without worrying about the financial burden, they are more likely to seek timely medical attention, preventive care and early interventions. This leads to better management of chronic conditions, early detection of diseases, screenings and improved overall health outcomes. 


Reduced Healthcare Disparities

Cost barriers disproportionately affect marginalised communities, exacerbating existing healthcare disparities. Lower-income individuals and other underserved populations are more likely to face financial obstacles when accessing healthcare. Removing these barriers helps bridge the gap in healthcare access and contributes to reducing disparities in health outcomes among different socioeconomic and demographic groups.


Don’t delay healthcare. Contact Health Now today to find out more about starting your own health wallet.

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